Why We Created This Course!

Whether you live in Cape Coast or Cape Town, Abuja or Abidjan, Mauritius or Mali; preparing for a job interview can be very challenging for young people regardless of where you live. We curated 10 Keys to Successful Interview to help you effectively prepare for your job interview.

Course Expectations

Whether it's your first job interview or you've struggled through many painful interview sessions; this course will help you discover How to

  1. Effectively Prepare for your Interview
  2. Present Yourself Before, During and After The Interview
  3. Dress for Your Job Interview
  4. Answer Questions Effectively
  5. Ask Strategic and Thoughtful Questions during Your Interview, etc.

We expect you to pay attention to the instructions and actively engage the keys in this course.


PREPARATION gives you a competitive advantage during your interview. Remember you are competing with other candidates for the role, prepare to present your BEST.


A job interview gives you the opportunity to PRESENT your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Experience to give your potential employer the opportunity to preview you as an employee.


A job interview is an opportunity to give the potential employer a PREVIEW of who you are and help them envision your as a member of their team. Make it a BLOCKBUSTER Preview.

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